Thursday, 17 April 2014

pARTy Art Tournament

A few of Canberra's fresher creatives came out for the University of Canberra's Graphic Design Club run art tournament. Dubbed "pARTy" with a faulty neon sign on the poster done by none of that the steeziest kid in UCGD; Mr Manok. The night featured a prize ladder, endless cheap art supplies and free goon, so you know it was a good time. 

The grand prize of the tournament was a legit Wacom graphics Tablet, and there was also a raffle for some delish Mr Manok goodies (which you can also purchase with money from her website). Artists worked on a variety of surfaces (lots of plywood, really) and with a bunch of mediums, creating works from highly skilled and beautiful drawings to weird abstract sculptures that the misinformed may mistake for garbage (I'm talking of my own work of course).

In the end the Wacom prize went to film maker, Simone Thompson, whose lack of punctuality didn't hinder the quality of her work. Although all the work produced was pretty outstanding, other honourable mentions went to James Anthony, No Hope Kid and Andrew Eastern.

The pARTy continued afterwards at La De Da for another quality Messy Hands; Down the Rabbit Hole featuring neon body painting and oh so many sweet beats.