Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Chop Shop Kickstarter

Unbelievably rad things are happening in Canberra!
Introducing, THE CHOP SHOP.
Sancho Murphy from the Dirty Laundry and Pat Rose from Coy are uniting forces to create a home for Canberra’s street culture unlike anything ever attempted before! Taking an abandoned warehouse in the heart of Braddon and turning it into an space made for street artists, musicians, skaters, creatives, designers and all manner of cool people! And they’re doing it all to support the artists, not themselves! So how about you show your support and chuck some pennies to their Kickstarter, it’s a very reachable goal and all contributions come with a treat; one of a kind skate boards, limited edition shirts, tickets, stickers, parties and more! Get Kicking Canberra!